NFL Divisional Round Draftkings Picks 01/14/2018

NFL 2017 Divisional Round Picks


Tom Brady, Blake Bortles

Brady against the Titans secondary will be great match up until the second half when the Patriots do as they always do – make a run and go to the AFC championship game in a weeks time. Bortles will face Pittsburgh and either make a name for himself or disappear quietly into the night. I choose the latter and get a bunch of fantasy points in the process.

Running backs

Leonard Fournette, James White

Jacksonville will rely on Fournette to slow the game against the Steelers with multiple carries and a TD or two in the process. White will continue his playoff dominance for the Patriots.

Wide receivers

Antonio Brown, Mohamed Sanu, Chris Hogan

I like Brown. It is the playoff , he is making plays against any defense. Sanu has been a great fantasy player all season and the playoffs are no different. Hogan is the X-factor in the bunch.

Tight ends

Zach Ertz

Ertz is a poor mans Gronkowski. Either is great but Ertz is cheaper.

Defense/special teams

Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles are to win in Atlanta the defense has to be top notch.