OK guys so you probably came to my blog from Twitter where you saw my super “professional”daily picks for Draftkings. Jokes aside I’m no pro and don’t win as much as I should:) But overall I manage to get my share of them Draftkings money and have been playing for a awhile now and I think I have a good handle of it. Anyways, somebody asked me about them “Draftkings promo code” TV commercials and how is that whole thing working. This is what I’ve found out after a little bit of digging.

You do NOT need a Draftkings promo code anymore to get the bonus. Looks like Draftkings stopped using them Draftkings promo code offers as a form of rewarding new players some time in 2016. You get the bonus regardless if you do or don’t have a Draftkings  promo code. Actually on some of the sign up pages there isn’t even a box for a promo code. As long as you make a $5 or more deposit you will get a free $3 entry into a paid game + $10 free ticket for the new NFL season opener game. No need for an actual Draftkings promo code.

The current best offer they have is a free $3 entry in the Moonshot MLB baseball games or you can use it one of the NFL games this Sunday. It’s not the biggest promo ever but you can still win $40-100 if you finish 1st or get some cash if your team is in the top 25 or so. Check the Draftkings promo out here:


draftkings promo code


Mandatory legal stuff you should know about: Playing fantasy sports is getting regulated heavier in the past months and years. Playing in the free contests is generally allowed in all 50 states and Canada but playing for real cash prizes is not. Check Draftkings’s website what is the most current list. Also there are age restrictions. You must be at least 21 in the state of Massachusetts, 19 in Alabama and Nebraska and 18 or older in the other states. And there’s this tricky “Excluded states” rule:  Legal residents physically located in any of the fifty (50) states and Washington, DC, excluding Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington (the “Excluded States”) are eligible to open an account and participate in contests offered by the Website. Legal residents of the Excluded States are eligible to open and maintain accounts on the Website for use only in games that do not offer prizes. However, legal residents of Alabama or Idaho who are physically located outside of the Excluded States are eligible to deposit funds, enter contests and earn prizes offered by the Website. Legal residents of Canada are eligible to open an account and participate in contests offered by the Website. And one more final disclaimer – the links I have posted here are what the “experts” call affiliated. This means that if you make an account at Draftkings and play for real money I will be awarded commission. But don’t worry – using one of my links or banners will not make your purchase cost you more or have any other restrictions.

Draftkings promo

So that’s about it on this topic. If you just saw a Draftkings commercial on the TV and can remember what the Draftkings promo code they are advertising – use it! But if you don’t – it’s no big deal, make an account, deposit $5 or more and you will get your free entry at Draftkings.

Best of luck to all new players at Draftkings! It’s a lot of fun especially now with the new NFL season on the way. Play against your buddies or total strangers for free or real money.

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